Press Release


Hong Kong’s preeminent Italian restaurants are now boasting tableside white truffle top-up options


HONG KONG, 14 October 2016- Giando, one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed Italian eateries, and its sister restaurant, Già Trattoria are now featuring the echelon of one of the world’s most elusive ingredients- white truffles. Sourcing from the Piedmont region, and most famously, the countryside surrounding the city of Alba, the restaurants are offering a series of dishes that celebrate and highlight the intricacies of the finest white truffles on earth. Già Trattoria is offering a menu of traditional Italian favourites, while Giando is featuring innovative dishes and a modern take on Italian fare. New this year, both restaurants will provide diners with a table-side top up option that allows truffle-lovers to purchase their own truffle (whole or by the gram) to add an extra boost to dishes already laden with the earthy-delicacy. 


Every dish at Già Trattoria is crowned with 5 grams of white Alba truffle. Dishes include classics such as Insalata Di Patate, Asparagi Mozzarella e Tartufo Bianco (potato salad with asparagus, mozzarella, and white alba truffle, HK$458), Uova All’Occhio Di Bue e Tartufo (sunny side up egg with white Alba truffle, HK$458), Tagliatelle Al Burro E Tartufo Bianco (homemade egg tagliatelle, butter sauce, and white alba truffle, HK$488), Suprema Di Pollo Ricotta E Tartufo Bianco (roasted free range chicken supreme stuffed with ricotta cheese, sautéed spinach, parmesan sauce and white alba truffle, HK$598), Branzino Di Orbetello in Crosta Di Sale (sea salt baked whole sea bass with vegetables and white truffles HK$748). Additional tableside truffle top-ups may be added for only HK$88 per gram.


Giando, nestled on picturesque Start Street takes a more innovative approach to their truffle menu, with dishes such as: Uova Strapazzate, Crostino E Tartufo Bianco (scrambled Italian eggs, toasted bread with white truffles, HK$428), Tagliolini Al Tartufo Bianco (homemade tagliolini pasta with white truffle, HK528), and Costoletta Di Vitello, Zucca E Tartufo Bianco (roasted Italian Veal rack, grilled pumpkin, potato cream, and white truffle, HK$768).  Giando’s truffle menu will evolve as truffle season progresses.


Founder and chef Gianni Caprioli describes White Truffles as, “they are like the jewellery of food, they sparkle and elevate every dish they touch.” On sourcing, Caprioli goes on to say, “While we source directly from Piedmont, and especially Alba, we also explore other regions of Italy, depending on rain patterns and soil saturation, these factors change seasonally and play a big factor in determining where the best white truffles will come from.”


Giando, is located on quaint Star Street, and features a clean aesthetic and semi-private booths, while Già Trattoria, is nestled in Fenwick Pier and boasts expansive views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. Both restaurants are paramount for Italian cuisine in Hong Kong and are headed by Chef Gianni Caprioli who sources ingredients directly from Italy’s boutique farmers, artisans, and wineries. While Giando offers a modern take on Italian food, inspired by Gianni’s travels, Gia Trattoria plates up rustic traditional Italian cuisine.