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 Chef Nate Green launches, Harley’s, a range of gourmet burgers available at Cali-Mex Bar & Grill locations. The culinary master-mind behind  Hong Kong foodie favorite Rhoda, known for his affinity for high quality and well-sourced meats collaborates with the Californian-Mexican chain to create an awe-inspiring burger menu worthy enough to carry the namesake of the British chef’s newly born son. The carnivorous menu also includes the option to substitute Impossible Foods’ award-winning meat made from plants on all burgers.

First making his mark at food havens around the city, including Jason Atherton’s 22 Ships and his fire-cooked food restaurant RHODA, Chef Green believes that balance of flavors is the key to culinary success, and that ethos is ever-present on Harley’s menu.  Green says: “Everything takes balance, it’s about making sure you’ve got the right texture, flavors, things like acidity — whether it’s too rich or not, and you have to balance all those things out. A good burger relies on great ingredients, good cooking, and balance.” 

The chef goes on to explain: "America is such a melting pot of different cultures. … which is reflected on Harley’s menu, you’ve got Rumble in the Bronx— a New York style, the mac and cheese burger… the El Chapo, offering that Mexican, Southern Cali inspired flavor, to the classic hamburger. So, I think for me, burgers have always been very American, and I think the range [of burgers] shows that.”

Combining a wide variety of  ingredients with a comfort food approach, the collection offers 10 craveable burgers and highlights flavor profiles from Southern California, New York, England and more piled high on toasted brioche buns. 

The Aye Aye Captain ($158),a personal favorite of the British chef, and reminiscent of cozy evenings spent in London pubs, features Beer Battered Fish, Mushy Peas, Tartare Sauce and French Fries.

The  Mr. Beefy ($148) —is a classic made with a 200g Aussie Angus Beef, Thick Cut Australian Tomatoes, Onions, Cos Lettuce, and Pickles .

“When I think of burgers, I think of America,” says Green, anticipating the New York-inspired Rumble in the Bronx($188) to be the fan-favorite of the menu. Made of 200g of Aussie Angus Beef, Streaky USA Bacon, Thick Cut Australian Tomatoes, Onions, American Cheese, Ketchup and Frenchie’s Mustard, offering an explosion of flavors.

The Good Burger ($168), offers the Middle Eastern flavors of Chili Sauce, Homemade Falafel, Thick Cut Australian Tomatoes, Green Coleslaw, and Avocado. 

Offering the Mexican flare that Cali-Mex is known for, the El Chapo($188) is made with Chili Con Carne, Fresh Jalapenos, Guacamole, American Cheese, 200g Aussie Angus Beef, Beef Tomatoes, Pickles

Hail Caesar! ($168) is reminiscent of table-side Caesar salads found at stylish steak houses and features an Aussie Chicken Patty, Grated Parmesan, Streaky USA Bacon, Beef Tomatoes and Cos Lettuce drizzled with Caesar Dressing

Smokey Bandit ($178) is a smoky mixture of Chipotle BBQ pulled pork, American Cheese, 200g of Aussie Angus Beef Patty, Coleslaw, Pickles, Jalapenos, and Refried Beans.

The three-layer Double Down ($228)towers over a plate with two 200g Aussie Angus Beef Patties, two slices of melted American Cheese, shredded Cos Lettuce, and a generous amounts of pickles 

In a surprising move for the meat-loving Chef Green, Harley’s offers a vegetarian option for each burger build. For an additional HK$20, guests can substitute Impossible meat, the popular meat made from plants on any burger. 


“Offering Impossible Foods’ meat as an option on Harley’s menu fits with my long held ethos of sourcing better quality meats that cause less environmental consequences. Harley’s menu fits in with my beliefs that we need to consume more responsibly and have a few meat free days, Impossible Foods will certainly help meat lovers have a tasty alternative choice,” says Chef Green on his decision to include the meat from plants on his new menu. 


Harley’s also includes a range of original and spiked milkshakes designed by Head Mixologist Rob Kariakin. The milkshakes offer the perfect balance to the heady burgers.


Additionally, Harley’s Burgers are available for order through their own storefront on foodpanda.