Chef Akrame, of Wan Chai’s One Michelin Starred Akrame, introduces, Dej, a reinterpreted lunchtime experience. Dej, short for ‘dejeuner,’ which literally means ‘lunch’ in French, breaks the wall between fine dining and a casual meal, offering lunches uniquely and, specifically crafted for takeaway or delivery. This offers Hong Kongers, who may be committed to their desks over the lunchtime rush, an opportunity to still indulge in a Michelin-star quality meal. Operating Monday to Saturday, 11.30-14.30, Dej offers delivery through foodpanda, or pick-up from Akrame.


With rotating menus, Dej provides Michelin-starred, seasonally-inspired lunches delivered straight to desks, conference rooms, and homes. Every meal from Dej is artfully prepared in Akrame’s kitchen, using carefully selected ingredients from all over the world. Every curated menu offers a selection between two soups, salads, sandwiches, one-dish mains, and lightly sweet desserts. The initial freshly cooked menu includes The Curry Carrot Soup (HK$60) a sumptuous carrot soup with a delicate touch of hazelnut butter topped with curried whipped cream, The Pecan Mushroom Soup (HK$60) a hearty and savory blend of mushrooms paired with a touch of pecan muesli, The Colorful Quinoa Ceviche (HK$80) a light quinoa paired with fresh bream ceviche, pomegranate seeds and topped with a perfectly ripe avocado, The Tropical Caesar Salad (HK$80) a delicate smoked chicken Caesar salad punctuated with fresh pineapple, The Licorice Salmon Ciabatta (HK$80) fresh salmon dressed in a light licorice vinaigrette stacked on ciabatta bread,The Mustard Beef Baguette(HK$80) a freshly baked baguette topped with prime beef, fresh kale and a sprinkle of mustard seeds, The Nutty Veggie Stew (HK$95) a mix of stewed and raw vegetables featuring an earthy pop of pine nuts, The Earthy Beef Confit(HK$95) a warm and hearty beef confit stewed with leek and potatoes, The Verbena Jelly (HK$50) a light and refreshing Verbena jelly served with fresh pineapple and a touch of verbena basil, The Granola Fruit Pot(HK$50) a zesty puree of seasonal fruits served with fat-free yogurt and a housemade granola. The menu can also be delivered as a 2-course (HK$129) or 3-course (HK$150) set. 


“In fast-paced Hong Kong, sometimes committing an afternoon to lunch simply isn’t possible. That shouldn’t mean that a compromise needs to be made on the food. In short, our mission is simple: to keep pushing culinary limits and create remarkable experiences. To introduce new and extraordinary flavors to as many people as we can. We won’t promise that our food will be universally loved, but you can be sure that each dish will contain a new and striking discovery,” says Chef Akrame. 


With delivery and takeaway options also available on Saturdays, much like Champagne, Dej can also elevate the average picnic, Junk boat, or beach outing. Dej is available Monday to Saturday, 11.30-14.30, for delivery through foodpanda, or pick-up from Akrame Restaurant.