Hong Kong, October 11, 2019- The long-awaited Kappo Rin opens in a prestigious location alongside sister restaurant Three-Michelin Starred Sushi Shikon, and Two-Michelin Starred Amber at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Kappo Rin, opened by the group behind Sushi Shikon, offers a sophisticated, yet relaxed dining experience, featuring fresh, modern Japanese cuisine. 


Opening in collaboration with Master Chef Yoshitake of Ginza’s Three-Michelin Starred Sushi Yoshitake and Hong Kong’s Three-Michelin Starred Sushi Shikon, Kappo Rin focuses on both cooked and raw items prepared to highlight the inherent flavors of ingredients imported fresh daily from Japan’s most prestigious purveyors. The word "Kappo" simply means ‘to cut and to cook,’ and is a multi-course meal that is left entirely up to the chef, offering a less formal cuisine celebrating the proximity between the diner and the chef. A traditional Kappo chef masters numerous cooking methods and appreciates the seasonality and quality of ingredients, as well as the importance of presentation and sequence of each dish in the meal. Decades of deep and strong relationships ensure that Kappo Rin is able to source the world’s best quality ingredients from Japan’s land and water, providing guests with the pinnacle of Kappo style experiences. 



Kappo Rin offers 10-courses of traditional and seasonal Japanese dishes served in an elegant, calm and sensorial 8-seat setting. While dishes will track the seasons, menu examples include: Steamed Egg Custard with Monkfish Liver, Hairy Crab with Turnip in Bonito Soup, Seasonal Sashimi, Soba Noodles with Sea Urchin and Black Caviar, Grilled Wagyu Beef in Sukiyaki Style with Black Truffles, Fried Prawn-shaped Taro in Mushroom Broth, Grilled Rockfish and Matsutake Mushroom with Soy Sauce, Grilled Fresh Water Eel, with Cucumber in Vinegar Sauce, and Rice with Golden Eye Snapper and Salmon Caviar, finished with Seasonal Fruit. 


The exclusive dining room of Kappo Rin offers a lesson in understated elegance, where every detail is the vision of respected Japanese artisans and reflects the austere beauty andelegance of Japan. Stunning artworks and furnishings handcrafted by some of Japan’s most respected craftsman, ensure that Kappo Rin is an exquisite space. Kappo Rin boasts an eight-seat hinoki wood sushi counter and guests are greeted by a wooden “Edo Komon” screen crafted by Nobuo Tanihata, regarded as a living legend for his mastery of the “Kumiko” style woodworking technique developed 1300 years ago. The wall centered behind the counter is a mesmerizing creation by Syuhei Hasado, Japan’s most renowned “tsuchi-kabe” designer.


Kappo Rin is now open in soft launch phase and offers dinner service Monday through Saturday for two seatings (18.00-23.00).