The Top 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your PR Agency

The Top 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your PR Agency

1. Embrace New Media Platforms

Embracing change is the key to success and happiness in much of life. Communications is no different, embracing new platforms, especially in regards to social media (remember when Instagram was just something some kids were doing?), is a fantastic way to maximize the results of your PR efforts. Lagging behind on current media trends can reflect poorly on the perception of a brand. Looking beyond traditional media and advertising platforms offers PR agencies a wider selection of methods to create content and increase a brand's visibility. Whilst it is important to appreciate and maintain prosperous relationships with traditional methods such as newspaper and TV, a company can truly maximise their PR outcomes by staying open to ever-evolving media platforms.

We believe in early adopters. Isn’t @YourCompany a better name than @YourCompany1234x46 ?

2. Value Professional Photography

You must ensure you have high-quality professional photography that the media will find simple to use. The shots you snapped on your iPhone will not be helpful when your agency is trying to achieve quality press coverage for your brand. With the media landscape in Hong Kong, publications are being squeezed more and more to maximize content while minimizing their budgets. Stories that are pitched new products or companies that provide high-quality photos will be the ones granted placement.

Because this is such a vital cornerstone of a successful PR campaign, sourcing quality photographers and managing shoots with a tight photo brief is a service offered to all of our clients. We have an eye for what shots will get the most prestigious titles in Hong Kong interested.

3. Maintain Frequent Contact with your PR Agency

Maintaining a strong line of honest communication with your PR agency and telling them as much as possible enables your partnership to flourish. It is vital that the PR agency hears of your news as soon as possible, as it gives them the best possible chance to deliver successful results. There’s never too much information (about your business, they may or may not care what you had for lunch) you can tell them and the constant interactions provided will help build up a valuable relationship with beneficial results.

Daily we have a constant stream of communication with our clients. Whether it be Whatsapp group chats, email, or phone calls, we are always connected. This connection provides consistent and reliable results for our clients and allows us to integrate seamlessly into their team, which creates a synergy and lessens their workload while maximizing their ROI.

4. Set out your Goals at the Start

It is vital to establish a set of aims from the get go- it is also crucial for the client to always be transparent with their expectations. This enables the PR agency to understand your objectives and ensure that everyone is on the right page, resulting in a strong relationship between both companies.

We set achievable goals with our clients, and we constantly check in to ensure that we are on track to achieve this. Honesty in PR is vital.

5. Trust your PR Agency

Once you have commenced your partnership, it is important to listen and trust your PR agency - you have employed them for their expertise, approach and reputation. There should be a strong level of faith in this relationship and their capabilities - you have to remember that you hired them because you need them. If you have set out your ambitions, maintain frequent contact and trust your PR agency, any attempts at micromanaging them can backfire - wasting the agency’s time and even deteriorating your relationship.

Sit back and relax, we’ll get you coverage.

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