Stir Public Relations Blog

Public Relations is a complex and difficult industry to navigate. On this blog, we let the employees of Stir share with you the best tips and advice to succeed in the world of PR. 

"KOL" - The Game Changer in Contemporary Digital Marketing

With so much content available on social media today, traditional advertising strategies are increasingly becoming ineffective in capturing consumers' interest. What are the values of the contemporary online audience? Who do they choose to believe in and why?  

Local PR Agency vs. Global: Who Is Right For You?

Deciding between hiring a boutique or international PR agency? Whether you are a startup or your brand is entering a new geographical area, industry or switching from an in-house department to an agency, there are a number of reasons to choose local.

Content Creation and Public Relations in Hong Kong

Consideration for local culture should be at the forefront of marketing and public relations in Hong Kong. Here we look at the deciding factors and how they can impact your brand's appeal.

5 Reasons to Invest in PR 

Public Relations is vital to enhance your company's reputation and increase brand awareness. This blog uncovers some of the reasons as to why you shouldn't underestimate the power that PR has in today’s business environment.

The Top 5 Social Media Practices

Flummoxed by social media? Well, you can’t hide from it and hope that it goes away- it’s where your customers, clients, and community are, and you’ve got to start the conversation. Let’s make it easy for you.

Many companies struggle to get the most out of their PR agencies and can accidentally sabotage their partnership and their results. This leads to unnecessary issues and problems that are easily avoided with a few simple steps. Here are five important ways to maximise the efforts of your PR agency and increase your brand's presence.