Press Release


Fishsteria, Giando, and Già Trattoria, three of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed authorities on Italian cuisine, offer a series of art-inspired dishes this March in celebration of Hong Kong’s Art Week. Celebrating the convergence of the culinary and fine arts, the upscale eateries have drawn heavy inspiration from a collection of Italian artists, and are offering dishes such as Sicilian Prawn Carpaccio (HK$218), Artichoke Salad (HK$188), and Black Ink Risotto (HK248).


GIANDO: Futuristic Art

Giando, located on picturesque Star Street, this March, alongside their modern Italian a la carte menu, offers two art-inspired dishes sure to inspire taste buds. Long drawing inspiration from both travel and art, the menu at Giando has always been crafted represent the best in culture and beauty. For art month, the chefs at Giando drew inspiration from the  abstract work of Tancredi Parmeggiani’s Natura Morta Tempo 6 II Ponte, and have crafted a Sicilian Prawn Carpaccio (HK$218) featuring thinly marinated prawns, blood oranges, okra, and paper-thin slices of radish in addition to a Smoked Cod Ravioli (HK$248) that emulates Futurist Movement artist, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s Skyscrapers and Tunnels (1930).

FISHSTERIA: Abstract and Futuristic

This March, Italian seafood eatery, Fishsteria offers two dishes imitating art.  The chefs at Fishsteria have flexed their flare for the creative with the appetizer, Insalata di carciofi e bottarga di muggine, an artichoke salad featuring grey mullet bottarga, pecorino cheese and chives (HK$188) which channels abstract artist, Mario Zampedroni’s Abstract Painting 2000.  With a nod to Italian futurist Furtunato Depero’s oil painting, Nitrito in Velocità (1932), the sustainable seafood restaurant offers Fregola con gamberi rossi, zafferano e mentuccia, this main dish bodly embodies toothsome fregola pasta topped with red prawns, saffron and mint (HK$268).

After long days admiring the offerings of Art Central and Art Basel, art lovers can decompress in Fishsteria’s quirky graffiti art doused ground floor lounge while basking in the eatery’s infamous Oyster Hours (HK$10 Oysters, 5-7.30p) and sipping an artfully prepared cocktail or two.

GIÀ TRATTORIA: Futurist and Impressionism

Già Trattoria, nestled in Fenwick Pier and boasting expansive views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, is dishing up two art inspired dishes this March. In addition to Già’s rustic Italian a la carte menu, connoisseurs of the arts will appreciate a well-balanced Tiramisu (HK$98) prepared to resemble Giacomo Balla’s The Speed of an Automobile (1913), and a Risotto al Nero di Seppia con Calamaretti e Capesante  Risotto with squid ink, calamari and scallops (HK$248) replicating Italian Impressionist painter, Antonio Mancini’s Almond Blossoms (1876).