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Fishsteria, Giando, Già Trattoria, and Mercato by Giando four of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed authorities on Italian cuisine, are offering four very unique experiences this Valentine’s Day. Ranging from an evening catered to singles, with Fishsteria’s brand new Best Catch Tuesdays and Giando’s modern take on Black Truffles partnered with intimate semi-private tables, to traditional with Già Trattoria’s classically Valentines romantic a la carte options and sharing menus and Mercato by Giando’s curated selection of Italian delicacies the four spots have something to satisfy every appetite on the special day.


FISHSTERIA: Best Catch Tuesdays

14 February (and every Tuesday thereafter) will see the ground floor cocktail and oyster lounge of upscale Italian seafood restaurant, Fishsteria launching Best Catch Tuesdays, a new evening celebrating the too often overlooked single ladies and gentlemen. This new evening offers a refreshing approach to Valentine’s Day, an evening that traditionally offers few options for those not part of a pair. Alongside their infamous Oyster Hours (HK$10 Oysters, 5-7.30p), Fishsteria offers those still on the lookout for love free-flow Ayala Brut Majeur NV Champagne and hand crafted Bombay Gin and Tonics for only HK$188 (6-8p). The lounge will play host to a fun series of dynamic ice-breaker games which offer the opportunity to mix and mingle alongside chances to win a dinner for two upstairs. For those who catch their match, Fishsteria is offering a seafood dinner for two at a special price (HK$888) when booking during Best Catch Tuesdays. The sustainable seafood restaurant is offering those ready to take the dinner plunge an exceptional sharing menu featuring a raw seafood platter, their infamous lobster macaroni, and with a nod to future success, a dessert to-go.


GIANDO: Black Truffles and semi-private rooms

Giando, located on picturesque Star Street, alongside their modern Italian A la Carte menu offers a bevvy of seasonal Black Truffle dishes, which can be served in the restaurant’s intimate semi-private rooms. Special to Giando’s menu will be seasonal dishes including: a homemade gnocchi with pumpkin puree, mixed wild mushrooms and topped with a generous shaving of black truffles (HK$398), Jerusalem Artichoke risotto with black truffles (HK$398), a perfectly prepared Italian egg topped with black truffles (HK$238), and a refreshing appetizer of fresh stracciatella cheese topped with prawn carpaccio and dusted with bottarga (HK$238). Giando’s Valentine’s Day specials will be on offer throughout the month of February.  A minimum spend of HK$2000 is required for the semi-private rooms.


GIÀ TRATTORIA: Classic Italian fare and Harbour-front views

Già Trattoria, nestled in Fenwick Pier and boasting expansive views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, is dishing up classically romantic Italian fare this Valentine’s Day with no minimum charge. Couples looking to create their own iconic Lady & The Tramp moment will be delighted with a vast array of a la carte menu items made from the finest imported-fresh ingredients. Già’s rustic menu features an array of fresh vegetables, homemade pastas, and cracker-thin pizzas including: Burrata with mixed Italian tomatoes (HK$188), Pasta Paglia e Fieno al Ragu’ di Salsiccia Straw and hay pasta with an Italian sausage ragu sauce (HK$188), and a sharing portion of Fiorentina Toscana, Italian Porter Chianina beef (approx. 1.2kg) served with grilled vegetables and potatoes (HK$1188).


MERCATO BY GIANDO: Everything needed for a romantic evening-in

Mercato by Giando, Hong Kong’s most authentic Italian market, offers bespoke gourmet experiences for those looking to stay-in this Valentine’s Day. Whether customers are looking for a complicated DIY meal, or a simpler turnkey option, Mercato provides an array of gourmet Italian offerings found in Hong Kong exclusively at Mercato. In addition to an indulgent selection of fresh produce, cheeses, and meats imported directly from Italy, Mercato offers a plethora of ready-made Giando signature sauces, fresh homemade pastas, desserts and fresh gelato. Everything hopeful lovebirds need for a successful Netflix and Chill is available at Mercato by Giando. 

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TABLEALL, a new online booking platform for Japan’s best and most elusive restaurants, has deciphered the code to simply offering high-end dining to Japan’s most discerning travellers. Their streamlined process is a result of relationships and trust built over years with a curated list of Japan’s top restaurants including, Sushisho Saito, Harutaka, Tempura Motoyoshi, Higuchi, and Suetomi. With an ever-expanding database of diverse restaurants, TABLEALL is the first service to provide convenient restaurant reservations for English-speaking travelers in Japan.


Frequent travellers to Asia’s apex of foodie culture; share one consistent complaint, the difficulty of booking tables at restaurants where they want to dine. Reservations at exclusive restaurants necessitate the assistance of, at minimum, hotel concierges, Japanese friends, and months of pre-planning. TABLEALL is revolutionizing this process and giving unprecedented access and information to cuisine-smart travellers. This easy to use online booking system changes the conversation from ‘where can I get in?’ to ‘where shall we choose today?’ This change in semantics provides the power of choice in dining, and enhances travellers’ experiences, by removing stress from the process.


A 15-year career spent in top-level finance positions with Goldman Sachs, saw Takashi Yamada, founder of TABLEALL, frequently entertaining clients at top restaurants in Japan. These experiences not only allowed him to build connections with Japan’s best chefs, but also gave him a front row seat to the trouble and loss experienced by chefs when reservations are cancelled. His connections with Japan’s restaurants also had him frequently assisting frustrated friends, exasperated by Japan’s non-inclusive methods for booking reservations.


Yamada said, “I knew there had to be a better way. The experience of Japan’s rich food culture is something I love about the country, and is one of the leading causes of tourism, but it is often too inaccessible. Tourism and inclusiveness are very important for Japan’s sustainability. I see TABLEALL as my contribution to Japan’s future.” 


Aside from quality, the joy of Japanese dining is often encompassed by education and knowledge; this can sometimes be lost in translation for non-Japanese speaking diners. TABLEALL empowers diners with information. Their site provides exclusive in-depth articles that enhance the dining experience by providing the story behind the chef’s passion, the restaurant’s history, explanations and stories behind the dishes, in addition to beautiful photos.  Part of TABLEALL’s appeal, is that they do not charge a membership fee, there is a small booking fee to secure seating, but it is on a per-booking basis. The service also gives customers the option to track their feedback and preferences, so that booking through TABLEALL will provide diners with more bespoke dining experiences. Additionally, diners are able to send private messages directly to the chef after their meal, this allows both chefs and TABLEALL members to build stronger connections and relationships, which ultimately lead to enhanced dining experiences.


TABLEALL is simple to use, provides exclusive information, and provides dining access that enhances any traveller’s journey through Japan. 


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Mercato by Giando, Hong Kong’s most authentic Italian market, offers bespoke gourmet hampers this holiday season. Customers may choose from an array of gourmet Italian offerings, exclusive in Hong Kong to Mercato. Additionally, Mercato offers seasonal delicacies such as White Truffles by the gram (HK$34/gram), imported caviar , and the ultimate indulgence:  homemade white truffle gelato. (HK$680/ .5 litre).  


Gift-givers are invited to visit Mercato, located on the ground floor of Fenwick Pier, to hand select gourmet treats sure to delight and tantilize everyone on their holiday shopping list. Mercato by Giando is a curated Italian marketplace home to Italian favorites not commonly found in Hong Kong. Some exclusive upscale offerings includingEgly Ouriet Blanc de Blanc Champagne (HK$730), Pamigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse Riserva Gennari (50g, HK$60),  Azzato Black Truffle Oil (100ml, HK$117), Kaluga Amur Caviar (50g, HK$656), andTelfort Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml, HK698). Those not sure what to get will be excited to receive advice from any of Mercato’s knowledgable Italian Food Experts.  The homey Italian market also offers Italian  favorites such as homemade pastas,  fresh sauces, boutique wines, charcuterie, cheeses, olive oils, chocolates, and other imports exclusively available in Hong Kong from Mercato by Giando. Holiday baskets are complimentary with items totaling over HK$500, and free delivery is also included with the minimum spend.  Those keen on the holiday hampers can also enjoy a complimentary ride from Uber with code GIAHK75.


A favorite at sister restaurant, Giando, Mercato is now offering homemade White Truffle Gelato by the half litre (HK$680). This luscious treatis a mixture of vanilla beans, rich cream, Italian eggs, honey, and of the star of the show, a generous portion of hand-grated white truffles.

Gianni Caprioli, founder of Già Trattoria and Mercato by Giando says, “ingredients have always been my passion. We know where our ingredients come from. With frequent trips to Italy, our relationships remain strong with our suppliers, so that we are able to offer our customers the same high-quality that our mothers in Italy would be proud to put on their tables and serve to our families. We are thrilled to bring these ingredients to homes in Hong Kong for the holidays.”


This holiday, gift-givers shouldn’t risk ordering pre-made hampers full of sub-par ingredients. Instead, head to Mercato by Giando and select and taste a range of high quality ingredients and create customized gifts for everyone on their list. 

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Absolut Elyx now available for take-home from Watson’s Wine


Absolut Elyx, the world’s first vodka created specifically for sipping, is touring Hong Kong this holiday season with handcrafted cocktails from a selection of the city’s most prestigious bars. This exceptionally smooth vodka is now being artfully prepared at Blue Butcher, Fish and Meat, Mercedes me, Mott 32, Potato Head, Q88, Seafood Room, and Zuma. The Elyx experience is now also available for take-home from Watson’s Wine (HK458).


Absolut Elyx is the result of manual processes, authentic craftsmanship, and human supervision through every detail of production. “Only a few people have the skills and knowledge to properly operate the old copper still used in its production. Every handle, knob and lever is adjusted manually. Creating a vodka this way is very time-consuming, but when you taste Absolut Elyx, you know it’s worth the effort,” explains Gareth Evans, Absolut Elyx’s Global Brand Ambassador, who recently visited Hong Kong to host a series of Master Classes. Evans went on to explain, “flashy and ostentatious displays are becoming more and more passé in our modern society where consumers are now thirsty for authenticity and true quality.” This silky-smooth vodka is a unique combination of traditional handcraft, copper distillation and cutting-edge design. The copper naturally catalyzes trace compounds in the spirit, purifying the vodka and adding a highly prized silky texture and taste. Crafted from single-estate wheat, from seed to bottle everything is done within a 15-mile radius of the distillery in Ahus, Sweden; this ensures quality control and perfection in every detail.


When it comes to making great cocktails, it’s the same passion, expertise, craftsmanship and attention to detail that produces outstanding results every time. While the smooth nature of Absolut Elyx lends itself perfectly to sipping on the rock, or a dry martini, its subtle flavors and smoothness also play well in the finest cocktails. A selection of Hong Kong’s finest establishments now offer the refined luxury of Absolut Elyx in a series of well-crafted cocktails. Blue Butcher tantalizes guests with the Grind, an inspired take on the infamous Breakfast Martini, this cocktail offers a tangy and floral explosion with a citrusy finish; Fish and Meat offers the Pepperonchini, a beautifully simplistic cocktail composed of Absolut Elyx, Lilet Blanc, lime juice, cucumber, and jalapeño; Luxuriously designed, Mott 32, dazzles guests with Nashi, inspired by Asian flavors, with a hint of spice, this light and refreshing cocktail pairs perfectly with the restaurant’s luxe Asian fare; Hong Kong’s newest chill spot, Potato Head, refreshes guests with the Butterfly, a mix of Jasmine Tea, orange blossoms, and fresh lemon; newly revamped Q88 entices guests with the Black & Copper, a combination of Elyx, peppercorn wine reduction, and salted Lillet Blanc; guests of the ever-popular Seafood Room* will enjoy the Flamingo, made for sharing, this punch is a combination of freshly muddled strawberries, lime, and pineapple; at Mercedes me cocktail connoisseurs will delight in the Vodka Sake, a pairing of Elyx with sake, lime, and kiwi that results in a light and fruity drink that packs a punch;  ZUMA, an enduring Hong Kong favorite, offers the Equinox Bloom Martini, created by master perfumer, Olivier Cresp, this cocktail plays with the olfactory palette inspired by the delights of high tea and is a mix of Dekopon orange, Baileys and toasted bread essence. All eight cocktails are visually stunning, some being served in Absolut Elyx signature copper pineapples. The pineapple has been the international symbol of hospitality, friendship and a warm welcome for many years. Absolut Elyx has appropriated this warm symbol and emboldened it with copper, reminiscent of Elyx's distillation process, to house premium-cocktails, which offers drinkers the same warm welcome. 


While at Mott32, Evans, also advised on pairing Absolut Elyx with Chinese cuisine.  He asserted that due to the quality and texture of this single-estate vodka, it pairs uniquely well with classic dishes such as Crispy Abalone, Short Ribs, and Fried Rice. Lovers of Chinese cuisine and cocktails are encouraged to try these delicacies at Mott32, or at home after purchasing a bottle of handcrafted Absolut Elyx from Watson’s Wine.

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Absolut Vodka, Absolut Elyx, G.H. Mumm Champagne, and Chivas Regal are providing the perfect gifts for partiers, luxury-seekers, risk-takers, and difference-makers

 This holiday season, new bottles from Absolut Vodka, Absolut Elyx, G.H. Mumm Champagne, and Chivas Regal are helping holiday-shoppers to cross names off their holiday shopping lists quicker than ever.


Absolut Vodka

Absolut introduces its latest limited edition bottle, Absolut Facet, a blue bottle featuring an asymmetrical design. The round edges of the Facet bottle have been cut into like a gem, creating a number of faces that catch the light in unique ways, symbolizing the many directions #AbsolutNights can take you. The aesthetic is reminiscent of spontaneous moments of nightlife magic, highlighting that the best nights happen out of the blue Absolut Facet is available with a free Absolut limited edition speaker at 7-11 (listed at HK$180)

Absolut Elyx

For the luxury-lovers, Absolut Elyx, bathed in its rustically elegant copper bottle, is a gift that is sure to please. Absolut Elyx is the world’s first vodka created specifically for sipping, and is the result of manual processes, authentic craftsmanship, and human supervision through every detail of production. This silky-smooth vodka is a unique combination of traditional handcraft, copper distillation and cutting-edge design. The copper naturally catalyzes trace compounds in the spirit, purifying the vodka and adding a highly prized silky texture and taste. Crafted from single-estate wheat, from seed to bottle everything is done within a 15-mile radius of the distillery in Ahus, Sweden; this ensures quality control and perfection in every detail. Absolut Elyx is available  from Watson’s Wine (listed at HK$458)



G.H. MUMM Champagne

In the spirit of celebration that has become its hallmark, G.H. Mumm Champagne has commissioned multi-award-winning designer Ross Lovegrove to design their most revolutionary bottle yet, Mumm Grand Cordon. Unveiled in Hong Kong in conjunction with the FIA Formula E Championship, the Mumm Grand Cordon bottle has no front label – instead, the G.H. Mumm signature and eagle emblem are printed in gold directly on the glass. The bottle is a reinterpretation of the famous Cordon Rouge red sash, which is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year. On Mumm Grand Cordon, the red sash is transformed into a genuine red ribbon, which is actually indented in the glass. The revolutionary new bottle is available at Watson’s Wine and (listed at HK$438)




 Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal, the world’s first luxury Scotch whisky, has partnered with premium audio producers LSTN Sound Co., to craft unique whisky and music accessories to celebrate their shared passion for craftsmanship, style and generosity. The initiative – Generosity: Amplified – features a range of activity aimed to raise funds for Starkey Hearing Foundation, including an innovative limited edition Chivas 12 Year Old gift tin. The creative partnershiip between Chivas and LSTN Sound Co. has seen the creation of a limited-edition gift tin to house premium Scotch whisky Chivas 12 Year Old. Inspired by sound, and featuring images of deconstructed headphones the gift tin has been designed to create disruptive on-shelf presence with a new square-to-round shape.  Both Chivas and LSTN Sound Co. recognise the growing desire amongst modern gentlemen to seek authenticity and depth in both their lifestyle choices and purchase decisions, so a percentage of the profit from limited edition gift tin will be donated to Starkey Hearing Foundation - a pioneering charity that has provided more than 1.8 million hearing aids and care to people in need in the last 30 years. It is estimated that the partnership will give around 15,000 people the gift of hearing. The limited edition LISTN gift tin will be available at Wellcome and Marketplace by Jason’s (listed at HK$428)

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HONG KONG, 30 November 2016- Fishsteria, Giando, and Già Trattoria, three of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed Italian eateries, are offering three very unique festive experiences this holiday season. Ranging from unusual, with Fishsteria’s Feast of the Seven Fishes (HK$777) and Giando’s modern take on Black Truffles, to traditional with Già Trattoria’s Christmas set menu (HK$628), the three eateries have something to satisfy every palate this season.


FISHSTERIA: Feast of the Seven Fishes

20-27 December will see upscale Italian seafood restaurant, Fishsteria celebrating The Feast of the Seven Fishes. Unique in Hong Kong, this tradition originates from southern Italy, as a celebration that commemorates the vigil held in the wait for Christmas, when red meat is typically not consumed, but instead replaced with an abundance of seafood. At Fishsteria, the seven course set menu (HK$777 + 10% servc) features imaginative seafood dishes such as: Fried Oyster topped with Sea Urchin, Snow Crab topped Burrata and Tomatoes, Lobster Bisque, Linguini with Clams, Artichoke, Peppers, and Bottarga topped with Pine Nuts, a duo of sustainable cod: Bacalao (sourced from the North Pole) and roasted Tooth Fish (sourced from the South Pole), and finished with Panettone and homemade gelato.


GIANDO: Black Truffles, White Truffles, and Festive Dishes

Giando, located on picturesque Star Street, alongside their modern Italian A la Carte menu offers a bevvy of holiday specials, and dishes featuring Black and White Truffles. Special to Giando’s menu will be festive dishes including: Sicilian Prawn Carpaccio (HK$218), Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Caviar and Chives (HK$168), Gnocchi in a Pumpkin and Cheese Fondue topped with Black Truffles (HK$348), Roasted Fillet of Cod Fish with Castelluccio Lentils and Parsley Sauce (HK$298), and an Italian favourite: Panettone with Mascarpone and Chestnut Cream. A rotating array of White and Black Truffle dishes will be served throughout the season, with the option to top-up any dish with White Truffle (HK$88/gram). Giando’s festive menu will be on offer Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve.  


GIÀ TRATTORIA: Christmas Set Menu, Truffle Mondays, and NYE Fireworks

Già Trattoria, nestled in Fenwick Pier and boasting expansive views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, is dishing up rustic Italian fare this entire holiday season. For Christmas Day, guests will delight in a 4-course festive feast (HK$628 + 10% servc) featuring choices such as: Salmone Selvaggio Marinato Con Ricotta Infornata E Rape Rosse (Herb marinated wild salmon baked with spiced ricotta cheese and beetroot), Cappelletti In Brodo All’ Uso Di Romagna (Homemade cappelletti filled with capon meat, ricotta and parmigiano cooked in Christmas beef broth), Strozzapreti Con Vongole E Carciofi (Homemade hand-twisted pasta with clams and fresh artichoke), Filetto Di Branzino Con Finocchi Saltati E Salsa Verde (Pan-fried Orbetello sea bass fillet with sautéed fennel and salsa verde), Cotechino Natalizio Con Puré E Lenticchie Di Castelluccio (Pork meat cotechino served with mashed potato and lentils), and finished with Semifreddo Allo Zabaione Con Panettone E Salsa Al Cioccolato (Zabaione parfait with Italian panettone and chocolate sauce).


Truffle Mondays are also lending some festive flare to Già Trattoria, this December. Every Monday (6-9p) in the lead up to Christmas, Già offers a special truffle paired tasting menu, that diners can top up with Italian White Truffles for only HK$30 per gram. Upon entering the restaurant customers are able to purchase their own whole truffles (HK$30/gram) to be shaved tableside on their dishes of choice. The special Monday menu offers dishes such as Piedmont Beef Tartare (HK$188), Italian organic eggs (HK$188), Handmade Egg Taglioni (HK$198), and Veal Scaloppine with Marsala Wine Sauce and Wild Mushrooms (HK$268). Each carefully prepared dish may be topped tableside with the finest imported Italian White Truffles, for a very special price of HK$30 per gram.


NYE Fireworks will be on full display from Già Trattoria’s panoramic harbour front windows. The homey Italian restaurant will serve their standard A la Carte menu featuring dishes such as Italian Porter Chianina Beef (HK$1188, serves 2-4), Homemade Lasagna Bolognese(HK$158), and irresistible desserts like their traditional Tiramisu (HK$78). An advanced booking and minimum spend of HK$1,200 is required for tables staying after 8.30p. 


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Sushi Wakon opens in the luxe Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto


October 2016, APAC: Wrapped in nature and nestled within the luxe new Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, Sushi Wakon, embodies the essence and aesthetic of Kyoto’s illustrious history. Orchestrated by Master Chef Rei Masuda, a disciple of world-famous Master Jiro Ono, Sushi Wakon offers an exclusive dining experience where guests interact and watch as world-class chefs craft each stunning dish.


Decades of deep and strong relationships ensure that Sushi Wakon is able to source the world’s best quality ingredients from Tokyo’s iconic Tsukiji Fish Market, providing guests with the pinnacle of edomae style sushi experiences.


The exclusive dining room of Sushi Wakon is a lesson in understated elegance, where every detail is the vision of respected Japanese artisans and reflects the austere beauty and elegance of Japan. Stunning artworks and furnishings handcrafted by some of Japan’s most respected craftsman, ensure that Sushi Wakon is an exquisite space. The restaurant boasts a 10-seat hinoki wood sushi counter, complimented by two private rooms seating 8 or 4 guests. Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is a brand-new 5-star hotel set amidst the historic district of temples and traditional Japanese architecture with an 800-year-old pond garden, Ikeniwa, at its heart. Sushi Wakon’s dining room overlooks the stunning and artistic Ikeniwa, a captivating view that permeates the restaurant with an air of tranquility.


Sushi Wakon is the vision of Master Chef Rei Masuda, a 36-year old sushi wunderkind described by Jiro Ono as having, “truly remarkable seasoning.” Masuda began his training at age 17 in Kokura’s famed Tenzushi before graduating culinary school, learning afterwards not just sushi but the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine at the Japanese restaurant Manso. After being awestruck by the cuisine at Sukiyabashi Jiro, Masuda was accepted to train under Jiro, where he spent nine years. In January 2014, he opened Sushi Masuda, in Omotesando, which, so far, has earned one Michelin star.


“Sushi is my passion and sharing this passion is my life’s mission. I am deeply honored to now be sharing my passion with guests at Sushi Wakon. The restaurant is a pristine canvas for the level of cuisine that my team and I provide,” said Chef Masuda.


Lunch is available daily (11.30-14:00), and the restaurant offers two for dinner (17:30/18:00-20:00, 20:30-22:30). Lunch delivers a sushi course of nigiri, soup, and dessert (18,000 yen), while dinner provides a full omakase experience featuring seasonal appetizers, nigiri sushi, soup and dessert (23,000 yen).


Masterful sushi chefs coupled with the finest ingredients from Japan, excellence in service and an intimate setting, promise to make Sushi Wakon a dining experience that shine above the rest.


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Hong Kong, 24 October 2016- Hong Kong’s foremost sustainable seafood restaurant, Fishsteria, is now offering a taste of luxury with new weekday (Monday-Thursday) Crab and weekend (Friday-Sunday) Lobster 4-course menus.  The nautical-inspired eatery, spanning two-floors on Wan Chai’s Queen’s Road East, has affirmed itself over the past year as a Hong Kong seafood mainstay, by offering sustainable wild-caught fish, innovative appetizers, and an array of crustaceans and oysters carefully sourced from Europe’s best waters.


Monday through Thursday diners will indulge in a multicourse crab feast (HK$528+ 10% svc) that begins a Crab Stracciatella Salad complimented by fresh crushed tomatoes and featuring succulent New Zealand snow crab, before continuing on to Crab Risotto with saffron and herbs, and a main course of Baked Alaskan King Crab Leg and Crispy Soft Crab with black truffle. The meal sweetly ends with a decadent and creamy White Chocolate Panna Cotta with cherry sauce and toasted almonds.  


Friday to Sunday offers a Lobster Tasting Menu (HK$728) starring Boston Lobsters that starts with a decadent Lobster and Caviar Burrata and fresh crushed tomato sauce, Classic Lobster Bisque with tarragon cream and then provides crustacean lovers a choice of Linguini with a Half Lobster cooked in brandy and tomato sauce or a Half Lobster Thermidor with porcini mushrooms and cream sauce. The finish of the meal is marked with the arrival of Cream Caramel with apple and caramel syrup.


Fishsteria is operated by Chef Gianni Caprioli, a renowned Hong Kong-based Italian chef notable for his commitment to sustainably sourcing extremely high quality ingredients. The restaurant features a quirky ground floor bar area that offers an array of innovative cocktails, fresh oysters, and a selection of seafood bread rolls making it an ideal venue for after-work gatherings and laid back get-togethers with friends. The first floor bathes guests in the casual elegance of white table linens and a refined nautical theme, ideal for meetings, date-nights, and family dinners.


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Hong Kong’s preeminent Italian restaurants are now boasting tableside white truffle top-up options


HONG KONG, 14 October 2016- Giando, one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed Italian eateries, and its sister restaurant, Già Trattoria are now featuring the echelon of one of the world’s most elusive ingredients- white truffles. Sourcing from the Piedmont region, and most famously, the countryside surrounding the city of Alba, the restaurants are offering a series of dishes that celebrate and highlight the intricacies of the finest white truffles on earth. Già Trattoria is offering a menu of traditional Italian favourites, while Giando is featuring innovative dishes and a modern take on Italian fare. New this year, both restaurants will provide diners with a table-side top up option that allows truffle-lovers to purchase their own truffle (whole or by the gram) to add an extra boost to dishes already laden with the earthy-delicacy. 


Every dish at Già Trattoria is crowned with 5 grams of white Alba truffle. Dishes include classics such as Insalata Di Patate, Asparagi Mozzarella e Tartufo Bianco (potato salad with asparagus, mozzarella, and white alba truffle, HK$458), Uova All’Occhio Di Bue e Tartufo (sunny side up egg with white Alba truffle, HK$458), Tagliatelle Al Burro E Tartufo Bianco (homemade egg tagliatelle, butter sauce, and white alba truffle, HK$488), Suprema Di Pollo Ricotta E Tartufo Bianco (roasted free range chicken supreme stuffed with ricotta cheese, sautéed spinach, parmesan sauce and white alba truffle, HK$598), Branzino Di Orbetello in Crosta Di Sale (sea salt baked whole sea bass with vegetables and white truffles HK$748). Additional tableside truffle top-ups may be added for only HK$88 per gram.


Giando, nestled on picturesque Start Street takes a more innovative approach to their truffle menu, with dishes such as: Uova Strapazzate, Crostino E Tartufo Bianco (scrambled Italian eggs, toasted bread with white truffles, HK$428), Tagliolini Al Tartufo Bianco (homemade tagliolini pasta with white truffle, HK528), and Costoletta Di Vitello, Zucca E Tartufo Bianco (roasted Italian Veal rack, grilled pumpkin, potato cream, and white truffle, HK$768).  Giando’s truffle menu will evolve as truffle season progresses.


Founder and chef Gianni Caprioli describes White Truffles as, “they are like the jewellery of food, they sparkle and elevate every dish they touch.” On sourcing, Caprioli goes on to say, “While we source directly from Piedmont, and especially Alba, we also explore other regions of Italy, depending on rain patterns and soil saturation, these factors change seasonally and play a big factor in determining where the best white truffles will come from.”


Giando, is located on quaint Star Street, and features a clean aesthetic and semi-private booths, while Già Trattoria, is nestled in Fenwick Pier and boasts expansive views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. Both restaurants are paramount for Italian cuisine in Hong Kong and are headed by Chef Gianni Caprioli who sources ingredients directly from Italy’s boutique farmers, artisans, and wineries. While Giando offers a modern take on Italian food, inspired by Gianni’s travels, Gia Trattoria plates up rustic traditional Italian cuisine. 

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Mumm Grand Cordon unveiled in Asia for the first time


(Hong Kong, October 2016) Maison Mumm, the official Champagne partner of the FIA Formula E Championship, is marking the Hong Kong E Prix by unveiling Mumm Grand Cordon for the first time in Asia. The Mumm Grand Cordon is a revolutionary new Champagne bottle, destined to become the ultimate icon of celebration.


City-centre locations don’t come more exhilarating than Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbourfront. Hong Kong is a diverse and electric city, but the world’s top Formula E drivers had no time for sightseeing before they did battle on a challenging circuit which epitomized the spirit of daring shared by Formula E and Maison Mumm. After the race, the winner of the Hong Kong ePrix race Sebastien Buemi took to the podium to celebrate their win with an iconic spray moment featuring Mumm Grand Cordon. 


True to its motto “Dare. Win. Celebrate.” Maison Mumm has always been associated with audacious challenges and ground-breaking endeavours- right back to 1904, when it supported the explorer Jean-Baptise Charcot during the first French Artic expedition. Its partnership with Formula E is the latest in a series of high-profile sporting sponsorships, which include, in horse racing, the Melbourne Cup and the Kentucky Derby and, in sailing, the Jules Verne Trophy and the Admiral’s Cup.


Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of the Mumm Grand Cordon bottle is its reinterpretation of the famous Cordon Rouge red sash, which is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year. Indeed, this emblem of excellence dates back to 1876, when Mumm founder Georges Hermann Mumm had the idea of decorating selected champagnes with the red ribbon of the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian award. On Mumm Grand Cordon, the red sash is transformed into a genuine red ribbon, which – in a feat of technology – is actually indented in the glass.


The bottle of Mumm Grand Cordon was created by multi-award-winning designer Ross Lovegrove, with who Maison Mumm previously collaborated on a limited-edition sabre. A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Ross Lovegrove rose to international prominence with designs for Sony and Apple, and his work is exhibited in major museums throughout the world.


Of Mumm Grand Cordon he says: “Mumm wanted to break the champagne codes. To me, design should always push barriers and challenge tradition, and as a Welsh guy I wanted to shake up an icon of French luxury.”


During the day, Mumm welcomed hundreds of guests to the EMOTION Formula E Club where an exciting program of entertainment awaited. Highlights include race simulators, a Mumm mixology workshop and a victory photo call.


Mumm’s Global Brand Director, Louis De Fautereau said: “Hong Kong’s Formula E race was the perfect celebratory moment to unveil our new Mumm Grand Cordon bottle to Asia- Mumm is an icon of victory with a long history of celebration.”


The race revelry was continued into the night at a glittering celebration of the Mumm Grand Cordon held at the iconic Dragon-i nightclub where Mumm Grand Cordon was officially unveiled for the first time in Asia. The bottle was shown making its way towards its Hong Kong debut via a daring delivery in a video featuring local celebrity, Alex Fong and Mumm Cellarmaster, Mariotti Didier, before being officially presented in person by Formula E driver, Lucas di Grassi. A former professional athlete who pushed boundaries during his swimming career before daring to switch careers into the entertainment business, Fong perfectly embodies the avant-garde spirit of Mumm Champagne.


An estimated 600 invited-guests attended the illustrious event including Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag, and drivers Sebastien Buemi, Lucasi di Grassi, and Jerome d’Ambrosio.


Mumm Grand Cordon will be listed at Dragon-i, Kee Club, Play, and Drop.


Mumm Grand Cordon is also available at Watson’s Wine and (HK$438).


Press Release


Research reveals generation looking to businesses to solve world’s problems


Hong Kong, 13 September 2016: Today Chivas Regal has launched the third year of The Venture, a global search to find and support the next generation of startups that want to succeed whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others. Since Chivas The Venture first launched (2014) over 3,500 social enterprises have applied for the chance to receive a share of the annual $1 million fund. This year, 32 countries across 6 continents are taking part; only the most promising from each country will be selected as a global finalist for the chance to take part in an Accelerator Week programme and travel to the USA for Chivas The Venture final event in July 2017. This is Hong Kong’s third year participating in The Venture, with last year seeing Xania Wong of Jobdoh to the top 12 of the global finals in NYC.


The launch of Chivas The Venture comes off the back of a global report that revealed 95% of young professionals are looking for businesses to take more responsibility in solving global problems*. These findings are further supported by a global survey that confirms people (77%) see big business as the number one driver of positive change for the future**. The survey – that questioned a total of 11,349 people across 10 countries around the world – also found that education (70%) was also considered an important sector when it came to changing the world for the better**.


Chivas The Venture is open to any for-profit-startup that creates both financial value and a positive impact on the lives of others. Last year’s competition saw five Grand Finalists pitch to a panel of judges that included, Eva Longoria, Sonal Shah, Joe Huff and Alexandre Ricard in New York City. Conceptos Plásticos, a Colombian social startup that transforms plastic waste into building materials for vulnerable communities was awarded the largest contribution from The Venture fund, receiving $300,000.


The application period in Hong Kong is open until 20 November. This year, the local judging panel includes: Patricia Dwyer (Founder + Director The Purpose Business), Ming Wong (Founder + CEO Asia Community Ventures + Giinseng), Leong Cheung (Co-founder + Chairman RunOurCity), Jennifer Liu (Founder + CEO Sir Hudson International [The Coffee Academics]), and Frantz Hotton (Managing Director Pernod Ricard Hong Kong and Macau).


At the 13 September Hong Kong launch event, Dan MacCombie, co-founder of, RUNA, spoke about his journey towards successful social entrepreneurship. Runa is a New York based social enterprise that has introduced the world to clean energy drinks, helped the people of the Amazon, and captured the attention of investors such as Channing Tatum and Leonardo DiCaprio. 


Managing Director, Pernod Ricard Hong Kong and Macau, Frantz Hotton commented on Hong Kong’s participation in The Venture:


"It’s been inspiring to see the evolution of the Social Enterprise scene in Hong Kong. The growth in quality and quantity of applicants is a true testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of our city. Last year we had 22 high quality applicants, striving to solve some of the city’s most pressing issues. This year we expect an even larger increase.”


Hong Kong’s 2016 The Venture Finalist and Founder of JobDoh, Xania Wong commented on her experience with The Venture:


"The Venture was an unforgettable and an incredible experience to propel both my personal and professional growth. I was honored and inspired to meet so many talented and socially conscious entrepreneurs passionate about building a better world! With the newly honed knowledge and network, I strive to build a bigger and better business that creates scalable social impact.”


Chivas The Venture inspires social entrepreneurs and those seeking positive change from around the world to pursue their ambitions and realise their potential. The recent global survey revealed over two-thirds of people (69%) would like to work for a business that has a social conscience**.


Founding Executive Director, Beeck Center For Social Impact & Innovation, Sonal Shah commented on the research:


"The results from the Chivas research highlight a number of trends that have surfaced in our work here at the Beeck Center. It shows that Millennials and Gen Z are hungry, motivated and inspired to positively impact the world. Second, young people believe that business also has a social responsibility not just government. As the world continues to become increasingly networked and collaborative, we have an opportunity to shape it - building cross-sector solutions to our most pressing social and environmental challenges."


Richard Black, Chivas Regal Global Brand Director, commented:


“Promoting business as a force for good is a priority for Chivas Regal. There is a clear and growing desire around the world for change; people want to support and associate themselves with companies that are doing more than just making money. Since its launch in 2014, The Venture has already given $2m of funding to aspiring businesses from Chile to Japan, and impacted over 200,000 lives. We are excited to be able to pledge another $1m this year to help the next generation of global entrepreneurs make a difference.”


Chivas Regal is a global leading super premium whisky with a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and generosity at its heart. Chivas The Venture is inspired by the founding brothers, James and John Chivas, who realised early on that success is much richer when we share it with others. To apply for Chivas The Venture or find out about the impact the competition is already making across the world visit


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(Hong Kong, 1 September 2016) FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first all-electric racing series, is commencing their third season in Hong Kong this October 8-9 and Mumm Champagne is fuelling the celebration. Formula E represents a vision for the future of the motor industry, serves as a framework for R&D around the electric vehicle, and promotes clean energy and sustainability, making it a natural partner for Mumm, a brand that, throughout history, has consistently pushed boundaries in the pursuit of victory through dedication, a passion for innovation and a constant quest for excellence. Mumm, the official champagne partner of the FIA Formula E Championship is commemorating Hong Kong’s first ePrix with a series of race themed parties, brunches, an LKF takeover and chances to win tickets to the races. The adrenaline rush of the race weekend will culminate in an exclusive invite-only party that introduces Hong Kong to the revolutionary new Mumm Grand Cordon bottle.


Formula E offers a uniquely exciting and accessible experience for Hong Kong’s motorsport enthusiasts, such as unprecedented opportunities for audience participation and a circuit boasting iconic views of Victoria Harbour. Mirroring this city-centre track, Mumm, is hosting a series of race-themed brunches and after-brunch parties at Central locations such as the Conrad, Zuma, and Aberdeen Street Social and The Envoy. The race-themed revelry will commence 10 September and continue every weekend leading up to race weekend. In addition to remarkable food, Mumm cocktails, and live music, each venue will play home to interactive race-themed entertainment and plenty of victorious photo ops.  Event goers may even win an opportunity to witness all of the Formula E action live by entering the #RaceToCelebrate competition. Diners and revellers attending any Mumm race events are encouraged to post photos on Instagram tagged with #RaceToCelebrate and @GhMummHK for a chance to be awarded with a pair of 2016 FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix Grand Stand tickets (valued at HK$4760) and an invitation to the exclusive unveiling of the Mumm Grand Cordon on October 9th 2016.


The Conrad is hosting Formula E After Brunch Oasis Hours, Saturday and Sundays that will feature a terrace BBQ platter, a glass of Mumm champagne, a sabrage demonstration and live music (HK$298) or for an additional HK$150, two hours of free-flow. Brunch-goers at Aberdeen Street Social will enjoy Formula Social (16, 17 + 18 Sept.) where they’ll add Formula E photo-ops, and 2-hours of free-flow Mumm (HK$220) to their a la carte brunch. Zuma’s legendary sushi and sashimi filled-brunch (24 + 25 Sept.) will receive a celebratory injection of Mumm when diners add on free-flow Mumm Champagne (HK$150) while enjoying live music, ring toss games and sabrage demonstrations. Additionally, every Saturday from 24 September, Zuma’s DJ fuelled after brunch party, Saturday Sessions, will feature two hours of free-flow Mumm for an additional HK$150. The Envoy (beginning 10 September) is hosting a Formula E on the Terrace party every Saturday from 5 pm that offers live music, sabrage demonstrations, a mumm tasting booth, and Formula E photo booth in addition to special prices on Mumm bottles and champagne cocktails.


Launching 30 September, and running four consecutive weekends, Mumm and the #RaceToCelebrate will takeover LKF. Every weekend night, the Mumm team will be holding court over LKF and Wyndham with very special prices for Mumm bottles and glasses. Over 15 bars and clubs, such as Tonic, Quinary, Rummin’ Tings, and Linq, will participate in this interactive promotion.


The month of champagne-soaked partying will conclude with the unveiling of the Mumm Grand Cordon bottle at Dragon-i. This breath-taking bottle is the most innovative design in the 189-year history of Maison Mumm. The bottle’s revolutionary shape, in particular its long, slender neck, necessitated a whole series of innovations to the traditional champagne production process. Uniquely for premium champagne, the bottle has no front label – instead, the G.H. Mumm signature and eagle emblem are screened in gold directly on the glass. 

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Until 30 September, 100% of proceeds from orders of Amatriciana at Giando and Gia Trattoria will be donated directly to those most affected by the Italy earthquake



HONG KONG, 29 AUGUST 2016- Giando, one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed Italian eateries, and its sister restaurant, Già Trattoria are joining 600 restaurants in Italy and across the world to fundraise for the Italy earthquake response effort in Amatrice by cooking its signature dish. The town, amongst the worst hit in the 24 August quake, is known for its spaghetti all’Amatriciana: a pasta dish with a tomato-based sauce flavoured with guanciale. In response to the disaster, and in solidarity with Italy, Giando and Già Trattoria have put variations of the dish on their menus and pledge to donate 100% of each sale (HK$158), from now until 30 September directly to local charities in Italy.


Founder and chef Gianni Caprioli is personally traveling to central Italy and meeting with the officials of Amatrice to determine the best organizations and ways that Italians abroad can be of service to their mother country during this devastating time.  Gianni Caprioli says, “I live in Hong Kong, but Italy will always be my home. I was deeply concerned for my country after seeing the devastation from the 24 August quake, and knew that we needed to take immediate action to help.”


Giando, located on picturesque Star Street, will be serving Rigatoni all’Amatriciana, while Gia Trattoria, nestled in Fenwick Pier and boasting expansive views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, will dish up Bucatini all’Amatriciana. Both restaurants are paramount for Italian cuisine in Hong Kong and are headed by Chef Gianni Caprioli who sources ingredients directly from Italy’s boutique farmers, artisans, and wineries. While Giando offers a modern take on Italian food, inspired by Gianni’s travels, Gia Trattoria plates up rustic traditional Italian cuisine.



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Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar offers a new weekend brunch focused on fine fresh cheese


Giando, one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed Italian eateries, has now taken up residence at Starcrest on Wanchai’s trendy Star Street. The restaurant’s original home inside the historic Fenwick Pier still offers fresh Italian fare and infamous thin crust pizzas, but under the more casual concept of, Già Trattoria. Founder and culinary virtuoso Gianni Caprioli has enlisted Michelin-Starred Chef David Tamburini to spearhead Giando’s new chapter.  The new ground floor location boasts modern takes on Italian classic dishes, and offers set-lunch, dinner, and a new weekend semi-buffet brunch with a focus on fresh Italian cheeses.


Giando’s new location nestled at the end of stylish Star Street is a testament to modern authentic aesthetics. The floor to ceiling windows and lightly coloured interior offers the ideal canvas for Chef David Tamburini’s expertly plated dishes. The new menus include a wide selection of tantalizing options including, fresh salads, signature homemade pastas, vegetarian choices, ethically sourced meats and seafood, and homemade desserts. The a la carte menu includes innovative options such as a Carpaccio of Scallops, Red Shrimp, Yellow Tail, marinated in Thousand Flavors of the Mediterranean (HK$238), Baked Scamorza Cheese (Cow’s Milk) with Grilled Radicchio Trevigiano and Saba Dressing (HK$198), a sharing portion of Stockyard Australian Natural Grain-Fed Grilled Prime Rib (HK$988), and a Giando classic of Spaghetti Mancini “Aglio Olio” Style with Fresh Sea Urchin and Bottarga (HK$298). Not to be missed on the desserts menu is the tableside make your own sundae bar featuring five fresh toppings and homemade milk gelato (4-6pax, HK$398). The weekday set lunch menu offers three-courses, including dishes such as Eggplant Rolls with Ricotta Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes, Prime Beef Sirloin with Arugula Salad & Roasted Potatoes, and Hazelnut Parfait with Chocolate Shavings & Vanilla Sauceand is available starting at HK$268. Giando has always been passionate about high quality fresh ingredients, and remains committed to sourcing from Italy’s boutique farms, wineries, and artisans who share their belief that GMOs and antibiotics have no place on your plate.


Gianni Caprioli says, “This was our original dream location, but due to various circumstances it wasn’t possible when we opened Giando three years ago. Fortunately, Fenwick Pier provided an excellent home for Giando and allowed the restaurant to grow and evolve into what it is today. Our new Star Street location represents the evolution of Giando and offers the type of fresh modern Italian cuisine that we know the Hong Kong dining scene has long been hungry for.”


Further cementing Giando’s long held belief that quantity shouldn’t need to be sacrificed for quality, the restaurant now offers a top quality semi-buffet brunch with a strong focus on fresh cheese.  Brunch starts at HK$288 and includes the buffet counter or choice of appetizer, a choice of main including dishes such as Burrata cream mozzarella with marinated eggplant and mixed fresh Italian tomatoes, a lobster and lettuce salad, and Gnocchi with octopus ragout, and a homemade dessert. Those looking to add additional sparkle to their weekend can upgrade to two hours of free-flow Conntadi Castaldi (sparkling wine) for an additional HK$208 or Bianca Vigna (Prosecco) for HK$158. Giando’s brunch is available on both Saturday and Sunday from 12n to 3pm.


Giando on Star Street, with its modern ambiance, expansive boutique wine list, and contemporary cuisine offers the ideal setting to share a meal, conversation, and exceptional food for your next meeting, get-together, or date. 


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(Hong Kong, 23 March 2016) Hong Kong Art Week commenced last night with the exclusive invitation-only MEDIA X MUMM Harbour Party, hosted at Art Central by Mumm Champagne. The first ever high-voltage party on Central’s iconic harbourfront powered a night of champagne popping revelry, high-flying VIPs, and live performances from cutting edge artists.


To be expected from a brand synonymous with pushing boundaries, the iconoclastic bash broke the tradition of sedate art parties typically flanked with sleepy guests slowly sipping bubbles whilst debating the merits of classical art. Over 400 of the artworld’s most progressive VIPs and champagne-lovers converged on the Harbour Party to celebrate Hong Kong Art Week with Art Central’s official Champagne partner, MUMM. The guest list boasted names such as Joey Ma, Adeline Chan, Caroline Fok, Kayla Wong, and Veronica Lam.


Throughout the night, New Media artist Jack Mclean presented by The Container [Tokyo], engaged partygoers with his Sad Clown performance piece. Mclean is also represented in MEDIA X MUMM, the fair’s first exhibition of avant-garde digital, new media and performance art. His Sad Clown performance character allowed the artist freedom to collaborate and experiment over the course of the night, and dared onlookers to push beyond the standard boundaries of their expectations. Also performing during the night was artist Latai Taumoepea. This avant-garde performance artist explored the concept of racial identity with a discreet piece that found her stripped down in the middle of the crowd while she covered her body with zinc oxide sunscreen under the Hong Kong skyline in complete darkness.


To close out the night, in a previously unannounced performance, British multivocalist, and musician, Beardyman, regaled the crowd with a display of his renowned beat-boxing skills. Beardyman is an international phenomenon known for pushing the boundaries of what people expect from a human beatbox with his innovative skills.  His latest track, Death of EDM with David Guetta and Showtek, has sent the public into overdrive. With millions of online views and listens, his creative impact to the music world captures the ground-breaking essence of G.H.MUMM and proved the perfect pairing to a night fueled by two exclusive Mumm limited edition bottles of Cordon Rouge.


Symbols of energy and innovation, both the No1 Silver and the reflective David Guetta bottles will now be on offer in Hong Kong. Those looking for a taste of this invite-only celebration may enjoy the Mumm No1 Silver bottle at Cabana, Drop, and The W Hotel, while the reflective David Guetta bottle is available exclusively at Dragon-i.



Press Release

James Ostrer: ‘Guru Jimmy's Absolut Ashram of Spirituality’ Art Central & ZUMA 2016, Hong Kong

Absolut is pleased to present a new collaboration with the prominent Guru Jimmy – artist James Ostrer’s spiritual guide – on two site-specific Art Bars in Hong Kong. Both titled ‘Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Ashram of Spirituality’, the Art Bars will premiere at Art Central and ZUMA Hong Kong in March 2016.


Art Central, Hong Kong’s newest contemporary art fair on Hong Kong’s Central Harbour front, will host the Art Bar daily from 21-26 March. The ZUMA edition of the Art Bar will be open from 12pm daily on 21-28 March, making ZUMA the perfect place to relax after visiting the fair.


Following his celebrated appearance at the 2015 Venice Biennale, Guru Jimmy has been given carte blanche to fully conceptualise and create his Art Bar, from drinks to décor, and entertainment to ambience. Inspired by his own outlook that the future is not a given, and that all people should have the right to create their own, Guru Jimmy has imagined an Art Bar that gives way to a type of spiritual transcendence that he feels should be available to the masses. Art Central’s installation clearly demonstrates this, and consists of a technicolour dream-state complete with beanbag chairs, ‘material wealth’ rugs, and other spiritual endeavours, making it the ideal location for replenishment, relaxation and reflection. 


Guru Jimmy has collaborated with some of Hong Kong’s top mixologists from both Maximal Concepts and ZUMA, resulting in seven brightly coloured cocktails that each resemble a colour of the rainbow. The Art Bar at Art Central will serve the blue, violet and yellow coloured cocktails. It’s All About Me is a violet hued cocktail comprised of violet blossom liqueur, lemon, and ginger, which reflects imagination and spirituality, whilst the blue concoction, Absolut Clarity, using blended orange, lime, and a homemade citrus cordial, symbolises the qualities of creativity and intelligence. The three vibrant cocktails will be available through April at Limewood.


ZUMA represents the energy of the colour red with, the Happy Inner Selfie, a cocktail infused with pomegranate, cinnamon and yuzu, whilst the balance and harmony of the colour green is characterised in, Liquid Assets, a kiwi and pandan-based cocktail. The four cocktails on offer at ZUMA are sweetened only by the fruits’ natural sugars, paying tribute to Ostrer’s battle with sugar addiction as represented in his body of work Wotsit All About. ZUMA, recently named one of Asia’s Top 50 Bars, also promises to enlighten visitors through the various meanings of colour with an extensive food-pairing menu featuring colourful maki, sushi, and interpretative fruit platters. The bar and lounge will feature a live DJ from 7pm throughout the week and a special Art Session on Saturday, 26 March from 2.30pm.


Guru Jimmy will journey between the two venues, offering visitors a glimpse into his colourful world as well as presenting opportunities for ‘happy inner selfies’ for those looking to attain the ultimate happiness. To enhance his vibe of chilled tranquillity, Guru Jimmy will also travel between venues with his specially curated playlist of electro, funk and pop music.


The artist’s Art Bars are reminiscent of Absolut’s newest limited edition bottle design, Absolut Mix, which builds on the six colours of pride in a unique way, allowing the colours to mix together when the bottle is moved while still maintaining their individuality. The new bottle reflects Absolut and Guru Jimmy’s shared beliefs in an inclusive world that allows people to connect without labels. Absolut Mix will be available in Hong Kong this summer.


Additionally, Art Central hosts Ostrer’s latest body of work, Ego Systems, an amalgamation of celebrity icons who seduce their onlookers through traditional and social media with their promises of success, beauty and glamour. ZUMA concurrently hosts Ostrer's critically acclaimed body of work Wotsit All About, a photo series referencing icons of contemporary sugar worship, the artist’s imagined result of a corrupted globalisation and increasingly dangerous methods of food production.


‘Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Ashram of Spirituality’ is the latest in a series of collaborations between Absolut and leading contemporary artists to create Art Bar installations – ambitious sculptural environments which double as fully operational pop-up nightspots. This installation follows critically-acclaimed installations by SANGREE at Material Art Fair in Mexico City (2016); John Kørner at Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark; Yazan Khalili at Art Dubai (2015); and Nadim Abbas at Art Basel (2014) in Hong Kong.


“It is Guru Jimmy’s greatest delight to help, support and empower people to mix up the emotions of absolute fun, friendship, music and art,” said James Ostrer.


We are excited to be working with both Guru Jimmy and James Ostrer on ‘Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Ashram of Spirituality’. The Art Bars will be unique spaces where people can come together and relax, and we look forward to bringing both Art Bars to life in Hong Kong,” says Saskia Neuman, Global Art Manager, Absolut.




All of the below cocktails are crafted with Absolut Vodka:


RED: Guru Jimmy’s Happy Inner Selfie

Pomegranate, cinnamon, and yuzu


ORANGE: Guru Jimmy’s Happy Ending



YELLOW: Guru Jimmy’s Inevitable Joy

Pineapple, passion fruit, spice syrup, black pepper, mint


GREEN: Guru Jimmy’s Liquid Asset

Kiwi, pandan leaf


BLUE Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Clarity

Blended orange & peel liquer, lime, homemade citrus cordial


INDIGO: Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Spirituality

Infused flower, blueberry, cardamom


VIOLET: Guru Jimmy’s It’s All About Me

Violet blossom liqueur, lemon, ginger beer


Press Release



JOBDOH has been selected as one of 28 startups from across the world to be a finalist for The Venture, Chivas Regal’s global search to find and support the most promising social entrepreneurs who aim to succeed in business, whilst having a positive impact on the lives of others.


JOBDOH has been chosen to represent Hong Kong in the upcoming final of The Venture. Xania Wong, co-founder of JOBDOH will travel to New York City in July to compete for a share of The Venture’s US$1 million fund. The 28 global finalists will have a chance to pitch in front of an expert panel of judges who are looking for businesses that can offer scalable and sustainable solutions to real world issues.


JOBDOH, a smart data-driven booking platform for temporary workers, connects and matches employers to temp staff anytime, anywhere. With a location based and smart screening mechanism, JOBDOH's record in getting the right candidate from job posting to the work premise is under 1.5 hours. While employers can enjoy both speed and quality, workers benefit from flexibility to earn an income quickly and an improved upward mobility by recording and showcasing their track record directly in the app.


Frantz Hotton, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Hong Kong and Macau said: “This year we had 22 applicants for The Venture in Hong Kong. The competition was tough as there are so many industrious local social entrepreneurs making great changes. In the end, we chose JOBDOH to represent Hong Kong at the global finals because of their potential to make a positive global impact on underemployment.”


Xania Wong said: “I am so excited to move on to the next stage of Chivas Regal’s The Venture. This platform and support will help me to expand JOBDOH and better improve the livelihood of others.”


A notable mention was given to short listed venture, LaLa Curio and founder Laura Cheung,  for the impact she is making on the lives of traditional Chinese artisans, by bringing their crafts to a global stage. LaLa Curio Generations is a curated digital platform for Chinese traditional crafts. Through artisan discovery, education, quality curation, and marketing, LaLa Curio plans to preserve Chinese cultural heritage for future generations.



JOBDOH was selected at a live pitch event held at Duddell’s in Central Hong Kong on 14 January. At the event, five shortlisted local entrepreneurs pitched their ideas for change in front of an audience made up of fellow social entrepreneurs, investors, and a panel of judges. Guests enjoyed a specially curated ‘Start-up’ Chivas Regal cocktail series, featuring “The Hacker”, “The Hustler”, and “The Hipster”. Created by Hong Kong’s local Chivas Master, Dave Lam, “The Hipster” is, a blend of Chivas 12, Luxardo maraschino, Fernet branca, and orange bitters. “The Hipster” will now be available at Quinary, for those looking to experience their own taste of The Venture.


Ahead of the global finals, the competitors will take part in The Venture’s Accelerator Week hosted at University of Oxford by The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. Embedded within the world-renowned Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, The Skoll Centre has created an inspirational and transformative programme featuring opportunities for the finalists to develop leadership skills, take part in practical workshops and be inspired by global experts on critical topics that affect social enterprises.


With over US$1 million in funding and resources, The Venture enables social entrepreneurs from around the world to realize their potential and gain exposure for their business. For more information about JobDOH and Chivas Regal’s ongoing support for social enterprise visit

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Chivas Regal introduces the gift of the century: Chivas Regal The Icon

Chivas Regal The Icon




The premium Scotch whisky brand releases an ultra-prestigious blend to the Hong Kong market, crafted with some of the oldest and rarest whiskies available




Hong Kong, 26 October 2015- It has been more than a century since Chivas Regal established itself as the world’s first luxury whisky, and today Chivas Regal introduces a symbol of luxury for a new era - Chivas Regal The Icon.


Chivas Regal The Icon is the embodiment of craftsmanship and tradition married with the unparalleled expertise of Chivas Regal’s Master Blender, Colin Scott. This ultra-prestige Scotch whisky is an exceptionally smooth blend of much sought-after whiskies from more than 20 distilleries across Scotland, including some rare whiskies from distilleries now no longer in use.


Chivas Regal The Icon is the perfect balance of old and new, with each distillery imparting its own unique characteristics. At its heart lie the rarest malts from Strathisla, the spiritual home of Chivas Regal, and the oldest continuously operating distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Accented with hand-selected single malts from Longmorn and Glen Keith, Chivas Regal The Icon is a bold, balanced and unforgettable blend specifically developed with discerning whisky connoisseurs in mind.


Each year,  a limited number of bottles of Chivas RegalThe Icon will be available, making it a must-have product for whisky adorers and collectors alike.


Presented in an elegant bottle, each decanter of Chivas Regal The Icon has been hand-blown by dedicated master craftsmen at Dartington Crystal before being hand-filled with the luxury liquid. The glass is delicately etched and finished with precision crafted metalwork and presented in sublime green glassware in homage to the original green Chivas Regal bottle that captured the world’s attention in 1909. Adorned with a signature luckenbooth stopper, a traditional Celtic symbol of love, the distinctive bottle is certain to be adored by whisky enthusiasts around the world.


Tasting notes


A celebration of craftsmanship and excellence, Chivas Regal The Icon is the pinnacle of the Chivas Regal range. With exceptional character and an incredibly long and luscious finish, rich notes of honey, vanilla and dark chocolate are balanced by subtle hazelnut influences from the cask, delivering a long and luxurious finish in the smooth Chivas house style.


Colin Scott, Chivas Regal’s Master Blender, commented:

“Chivas Regal The Icon is a truly exquisite blend – perfectly smooth with an intense concentration of sumptuous flavours that develop into an exceptionally long, lingering finish. I am proud to present this luxurious expression of the Chivas Regal house style to you.”


The limited release of Chivas Regal The Icon is available by private order only at HK$28,800. 

To purchase Chivas Regal The Icon in Hong Kong please contact: Mr. Christopher Bin /


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Absolut Vodka is premiering their newest limited edition bottle, Absolut Electrik, at Hong Kong’s premier outdoor music and arts festival. The Absolut Electrik Bar will amplify the Clockenflap experience with a multi-sensory offering of flavours, colours, lights, and movement. In the lead up to the legendary three-day event, Absolut Vodka will offer festivalgoers various opportunities to gain complimentary access to Clockenflap.


The Absolut Electrik twin bottles feature two cutting edge hues, Electrik blue and silver that combine to create an aesthetic reminiscent of flashing lights and pumping beats. Absolut Electrik evokes feelings of energy with the potential to make any night an electrical one. The Clockenflap festival bursts with passion and ingenuity; generating the ideal backdrop for Absolut Electrik’s mission to infuse creativity and transform the night.


The Absolut Electrik Bar, conveniently situated across from Clockenflap’s Electric Stage, will feature a luminescent lounging area to sip Absolut Electrik cocktails that have been hand-crafted in celebration of Clockenflap. Cocktails will include the Absolut Electrik Blue Mule, a take on the traditional Moscow Mule. The Absolut Electrik Bar will be an innovative photo-worthy backdrop guaranteed to garner likes from all.


Absolut Vodka will deliver plentiful opportunities to score complimentary Clockenflap tickets. The first chance will be the Electrik Hong Kong Nights competition. Between 26 October and 20 November, hopeful festivalgoers can purchase any bottle of Absolut Vodka to stage a creative photo featuring an iconic site that illustrates an ‘Electrik’ night in Hong Kong. Photog aspirants can then message their shot to Absolut Vodka HK’s facebook or post to Instagram with #ElectrikNight and #AbsolutHK. The five most creative photos will be chosen and their submitters and a guest will head to Clockenflap for a truly Electrik night.


Absolut Vodka will also offer Clockenflap devotees a first sip of new Absolut Electrik cocktails. Red Bar at IFC, and various other nightspots, will offer an innovative secret menu, designed to build anticipation and boast the flavours of the festival.

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Restaurant Delivery startup foodora launches in Hong Kong offering exclusive access to premium restaurants

Rocket Internet-backed foodora launches Hong Kong’s first 30-minute food delivery service

Hong Kong, 30 September 2015foodora, a Berlin-based premium-restaurant delivery service is expanding to Hong Kong. foodora offers a first-class alternative to traditional takeaway options and employs an advanced logistics algorithm to ensure that food maintains its high quality and arrives at the customer’s doorstep or office, on average, within 30-minutes.

 Founded less than one-year ago, the startup has set itself apart from traditional delivery services by working only with high-end and trendy restaurants, such as Dragon-i, Iberico, Check-In Taipei, The Boss and Le Port Parfume. Exclusive delivery contracts with no-reservation, restaurants such as Little Bao will offer hungry Hong Kongers an alternative to waiting in a queue for trendy eats.

Behind the scenes, foodora’s proprietary logistics system determines the optimal route between restaurants and customers to help drivers navigate the dense traffic of Hong Kong. The company's dedicated, uniformed and friendly delivery team ensures maximum food quality and transportation standards by not stacking orders and knowing their terrain extremely well. The newly launched foodora app offers customers peace of mind, by sending updates along the entire order process. This allows customers to relax while they look forward to enjoying their meal in the comfort of their home or the convenience of their office.

 Mat Podesta, CEO of foodora Hong Kong, remarks: Hong Kong is one of the world’s great global cities and as such should have access to world-class food delivery services. foodora wants to introduce a new benchmark of reliability, speed, and quality, bringing Hong Kongers what other markets already enjoy.”

With over 100 partner restaurants, foodora Hong Kong is shaking up the online food delivery scene. Through its online platform, partnering restaurants enjoy access to a large and engaged customer base, leading to increased revenues without the need to employ their own couriers, or increase their restaurant seating capacity. Currently delivering to Central and Sheung Wan, foodora plans to expand their delivery area to TST, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay with an expanded list of 400 restaurants by the end of 2015.

 “Few realize Dragon-I has very talented chefs serving some of Hong Kong’s best Chinese and Japanese food. With foodora we can now extend the Dragon-I experience into homes and offices,” says Raymond Young, General Manager of Dragon-I.

The startup gained traction in its home market of Berlin and began making plans to scale the business with support from German Internet platform Rocket Internet. Plans to quickly expand the business globally.

 New customers can receive HK$50 off their first order with code: HELLOHONGKONG

 How does foodora work?

Through or via the foodora app, consumers can enter their location, view a list of quality-only restaurants serving their neighborhood, and place an order in the comfort of their home, office or even while on-the-go. The order is then carefully prepared by the restaurant, picked-up by the foodora logistics team, and delivered to the customer in only 30 minutes.